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 Apply To Be A Forum Moderator

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PostSubject: Apply To Be A Forum Moderator   Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:39 pm

Please Write Down Your:
E-mail address
country and location
Online time per day ( on forum only)
Why do you wish to become a Moderator of this forum?
Tell us about yourself
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Location : SingaPore/Bukit Batok

PostSubject: Apply To Be A Forum Moderator   Sun Jun 15, 2008 8:53 pm

Username : ImNotGhey (inGAME)

Gender : Male

Age : 13

Email : or

Country : Singapore

Online Time : 1-2 (if bz) 1-3 (if free)
Why I Wish To be A Moderator:
Well..... I would like to try to be a moderator because I love helping others n not seeing them in not at ease. I would also like to try n make the server a calm and controlled environment a cool environment for ppl to chill n even have fun.

Tell us about yourself :
Well... my name is Hisyam im currently turning 13 this year when i have freetime i would always hang out with my friends n even playing maplestory. Im a guy who loves to do sorts of crazy stuff with my friends n im an outside thinker. I love solving sudoku's and i know its hard but i love trying it over and over till i succeed.
Well... currently i dont have a girlfriend im single... SICK OF LOVE cause i was heartbroken when my ex Dumbed me... HATES... i hate liars,backstabbers! If u are a liar or a backstabber plz BACK OFF ME!

Well thats all!!
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PostSubject: Re: Apply To Be A Forum Moderator   Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:07 am

Username : Alex (Real Life Name) |_| Hazel (In Game Name)

Gender : Male

Ages : 16

Email :

Country : Malaysia [MY]

Online Time : If free, In Forum 5-8 Hour.. If Busy, In Forum 3-5 Hour..
Why I Wish To be A Moderator:
Erhmm.. About That I Wanna Be Moderator is Because I Will Like to help people and Most of the time i Will Spend all my time at computer.. But the Most important reason that i Wanna be moderator is because i Like Maple so much, I Wanna Make TopMS this server being Famous.. I know That Being a Moderator Wont be easy Job, BT i Will Like to try.. As i Wish, I hope that can Help GM too.. afro

Tell us about yourself :
Ok.. My name is Alex, But every ppl call mi Eyukomash or Mayi(As chinese speaking) currently turning 16 this year and i Will spend all my time On MapleStory. As i think, Im a guy Who as Friendly and talkactive.. For mi, Love?? Relationship?? Friendship?? Maplestory??Er.. I will choose MapleStory and friendship.. Love & Relationship?? Not important for mi, Because Single Was Getting FREEDOM! SICK OF MAPLE!!

Yeahh ^^.. That All~! lol! Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: Apply To Be A Forum Moderator   

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Apply To Be A Forum Moderator
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