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 All Boss Work Now and Add SomeThing To Snail

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PostSubject: All Boss Work Now and Add SomeThing To Snail   Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:47 pm

GreenSnail/RedSnail/BlueSnail Drop

-Maple Hat
-Red Maple Bandana
-Blue Maple Bandana
-White Maple Bandana
-Yellow Maple Bandana
-Maple Bandana Red
-Maple Bandana Blue
-Maple Bandana White
-Maple Bandana Yellow

Level <30 Weapon
-Blue Maple Flag
-Maplemas Lights
-Maplemas Tree
Level 35 Weapon
-Maple Bow
-Maple Claw
-Maple Crow
-Maple Staff
-Maple Sword
Level 43 Weapon
-Maple Crossbow
-Maple Doom Singer
-Maple Dragon Axe
-Maple Impaler
-Maple Kandayo
-Maple Lama Staff
-Maple Scorpio
-Maple Soul Searcher
-Maple Soul Singer
-Maple Wagner
Maple Level 64 Weapon
-Maple Asura Dagger
-Maple Belzet
-Maple Dark Mate
-Maple Demon Axe
-Maple Glory Sword
-Maple Havoc Hammer
-Maple Kandiva Bow
-Maple Karstan
-Maple Nishada
-Maple Shine Wand
-Maple Skanda
-Maple Soul Rohen
-Maple Soul Spear
-Maple Steel Axe

-Maple Shield
-Maple Theif Shield
-Maple Warrior Shield
-Maple Magician Shield

Throwing Stars
-Maple Throwing Stars
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All Boss Work Now and Add SomeThing To Snail
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