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 GM if can pls Do it !

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GM if can pls Do it ! Empty
PostSubject: GM if can pls Do it !   GM if can pls Do it ! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 1:07 am

i wanna say is y now de server update or server check also no notice de?
can pls post a notice that can let us know about wad problem or wad time that can play...we also dunno wad u doing ? fixing? update+inG?
or any anything ...but atleast u tell us wad time can play dun let us waitwait until tired ...

i hope u can do it !!! +U gambateh ....
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GM if can pls Do it ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: GM if can pls Do it !   GM if can pls Do it ! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 10:51 am

Hi there Sky,

I am totally agreed with you on the administrations of the server providing a timetable on server update and server check time period like the official server, but this as you have already known, it is a private server which run by not many administrations or moderators, or maybe to the extent of 1 man doing all of these.

So it is really hard for he or she to keep you updated when he or she is not facing the computer 24/7 because that person have a life or maybe a job commitment to go to. Anyways, “old” players of this server have already gotten used to this kind of situations, but to really let you know what time the server is up and running. It’s a bit hard to say, must see what is/are the causes of the server down, due to various anonymous hackers to the server and stuff which I am not sure about this or maybe just pure hardware failure, which really hope not.

So what we can do, just promptly check whether the server is on or not at this website If you can load this website, means the server is running, if not too bad, get few cartons of beers and drown ourselves in despair...... Crying or Very sad
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GM if can pls Do it !
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